The 7 Deadly Meals

An interactive 3D Virtual Pop-Up Book.

“The Seven Deadly Meals” is an interactive story about sin, eating, and the American Dream. Each sin/meal is a unique scene, fully rendered as a pop-up book in real-time using openGL, with video tracking for user interactivity. Although the scene exists solely in a computer, every element is hand drawn.

The pop-up book is the original 3D interactive story. We wanted to acknowledge that history and combine it with openGL, a modern day tool rendering for video games and other interactive 3D applications.
“The Seven Deadly Meals” strives to be intuitive enough for anyone to use, but the subject matter is probably best suited for late-teens and adults.
User Scenario
The user places him/herself in front of the screen and is presented with pop-up book style hand-drawn scenes. He/she can use their hands and body to trigger certain elements in the scene, which is analogous to pulling tabs in an old fashioned pop-up book. The user can turn the “page” by simply waving their hand from right to left over their head.

“The Seven Deadly Meals” utilizes openGL and java for rendering. The elements were hand drawn and prepped in Adobe Photoshop. The elements were placed in After Effects, and the position data was exported to Java using a custom ExtendScript. The audio was recorded and mixed in Apple Soundtrack and is rendered using openAL.

“The Seven Deadly Meals” was in the 2006 ITP Spring Show and was featured on the VLOG.

Co-Creator: Jury Hahn

MUSIC (used unofficially for demo purposes):
“A Man and a Woman” Theme- Francis Lai
“Ode to Isis”- …and you will know us by the trail of dead
“Loquasto International Film Festival”- Mark Mothersbach
“Let me tell you about my boat”- Mark Mothersbach
“About a Boy” Soundtrack- Badly Drawn Boy